Disabled Girl Shocks The World With Her Makeup Tutorials

Izzy Weall was diagnosed with meningitis when she was only 7 years of age. She was in a critical condition that the doctors only gave her 1% chance of survival. She was in a coma when her organs started to fail. Luckily, she survived the trial, which had left doctors astounded by her recovery. However, she had to lose her arms and legs in the process.

One of the doctors was commending Izzy because she happened to be one of the most ill child patients that he had to treat yet made it out alive.

Izzy is now 14 years old, but she is not at all what you’d expect a disabled person to be. Despite her insufficiency, she is inspiring other through her makeup tutorial videos on YouTube.

Her mother is so proud of her because she doesn’t see herself as a person without arms and legs. She sees herself just as any other teenager. She likes to explore and do certain things. It was only a few years ago when Izzy started taking an interest in makeup.

It first started out as a hobby, but the more time she spent practicing, the better she became at it. It didn’t take long before people seeing her in the streets would ask her to perform a makeup tutorial on the spot.

The main objective of Izzy is to inspire other people with the idea that they shouldn’t put a limit on themselves. Despite what society thinks will keep them from achieving their goals, they should keep on pursuing it anyway.

Due to her situation, no one would believe that she could do her own makeup. That was when she started doing videos. The more she appeared on videos, the more people were shocked with her talent for cosmetics.