Diver Sticks Entire Arm Into Coral Tube

We’re all used to seeing individuals fish with a rod or net. However, one scuba diver takes capturing an octopus to another level.

The guy in the clip listed below, published on August 9, 2017, has actually been catching octopuses for several years, however, he does not do it with a net. Nope, he utilizes his bare hands!

In Limassol, Cyprus, the male positions his water-resistant camera in front of a coral tube. Then he holds onto the top of it. After that, he blindly plunges his right-hand in.

Black ink sprays from the leading as he wiggles his hand around– a sure indication that there is an octopus hiding within.

Seconds later he pulls the eight-tentacled animal from the coral tube and displays his treasure to the camera. It’s definitely fantastic how he had the ability to get onto the octopus and pull him out in under 10 seconds.

The snorkeler isn’t really the very first individual to be terrific at capturing animals with his hands.

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