Doctor Puts Super Glue in Patient’s Head To Heal Aneurysm

The biggest nightmare a mother can endure is her child being diagnosed with a fatal condition. For Gina Julian, this was the case when her 3 week-old-baby, Ashlyn, experienced a seizure. Doctors later determined that it was a stroke. She had actually developed hemorrhage in her brain, and reported that it would be tragic if the rupture occurred again.

This condition, called an aneurysm, rarely occurs in infants. Dr. Koji Ebersole from the University of Kansas Hospital had to figure out how to treat baby Ashlyn and manage to minimize future risk. The only challenge he faced at the time was that his medical equipment was too large for the baby’s small and sensitive capillaries.

Gina was worried. She knew that the situation was not a good one but hoped that there might be a solution to save her daughter.

However, Dr. Ebersole’s mind had an idea and determined that it as the only solution to fix the issue. He decided to treat the baby with super glue.

Yes, you read it right! Apparently, it has become one of the most useful pieces of equipment in medicine for the past 30 to 40 years.

The doctor injected some superglue into the affected area of Ashlyn’s brain in the hope of stopping the bleeding.

The surgery was a total of 45 minutes long and was eventually successful. It was determined that Baby Ashlyn would lead a normal and healthy life. By the next day, she was already on the verge of recovery. Despite the breathing tubes being taken out the day after the surgery, Ashlyn remained in the ICU for another 28 days for monitoring. It was also done to prevent any setback that would be life-threatening.

Two years later, she underwent scanning to determine her progression. The scans revealed that the surgical glue had now dissolved.

Five years have passed since the superglue surgery story, and baby Ashlyn is now living a normal childhood life.

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City.