Doctor Wife Was Surprised To See Husband Standing In Her Office When She Thought He Was In Africa

Joshua Splinter, a family physician for Texas Army National Guard Reserve, was sent to the port of Africa for five months.

His wife is also a doctor. Even though it was hard, Alice raised their kids alone, finished her residency, and worked hard while Joshua is away.

One day, Joshua was given the good news that he will be able to return home earlier than what was already agreed upon. However, the doctor kept it to himself and did not inform his wife.

Instead of telling her the truth, Joshua made a plan with his friend to surprise his wife when he arrived home.

Just like what they used to, they talked over the phone and Joshua pretended that he’s still thousands of miles away from his loving wife.

Joshua then booked an appointment with the doctor. In the video clip below, you can see Joshua stepping inside the room. Alice was surprised to find him in front of her, a shock expression written all over her face.

According to Alice, she almost passed out because of the shock and couldn’t take it in. While she thought that Joshua is still miles away for her to touch, there he is, standing in front of her door!

The couple reunited happily. Joshua’s plan went well to surprise his wife of good news.