Doctors Are Right That Baby Has No Cancer in Spite of Neck Lump

When Paige Franks delivered her baby named Mila, she became worried right away. This is due to the fact that she discovered an odd, round lump on her daughter’s neck.

What made the situation worse was that the compact mass appeared to increase in size daily. It actually reached the dimension of a tennis ball.

Paige knew that something was seriously not correct for Mila. The 21-year-old mother believed that her baby is suffering from a fatal disease which is cancer.

Paige was terrified for her baby daughter. As a mother, it is natural and understandable for Paige to panic, seeing the unusual protrusion on her daughter’s neck that would not disappear.

Nevertheless, the physicians that Paige consulted assured her that her child did not have cancer nor any type of terminal illness.

They remarked that it was a birthmark that is a cause of congenital hemangioma. This is a mass of small blood vessels beneath the little girl’s skin.

Paige felt relieved to hear the assuaging diagnosis of the doctors. However, she carried on in recording the size of Mila’s growing lump.

The mother was worried that if people would touch Mila’s face, the lump would burst eventually.

Paige described that the swelling on her baby’s face seemed to be another head growing.

She mentioned that one of her friends joked that it could have been Mila’s twin sister, yet apparently it was not.

Mila’s mother continued to monitor her lump. Paige would wrap it in cotton wool whenever they are going outdoors.

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Miraculously, after three months, the mysterious mass started to look small. Mila’s birthmark began to vanish.

Today, it is now out of the baby’s neck and Paige is very elated. Share this article to your friends and family if you agree that the children are the greatest present of all!