Doctors Say That the Brain Is Still Active After Death

The brain is a remarkable organ. Not only can it send signals to our body, but it can also do more things to us. For this reason, experts are conducting studies on how the brain works.

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A new study from the NYU Langone School of Medicine from New York City shows that the brain is still active after a person dies.

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Dr. Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research, is the head of this study. He has spent several years studying how the human brain works.

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Today, Dr. Parnia and his team are researching on how the brain works after death. According to their research, the deceased patient’s brain is still active after he dies.

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Dr. Parnia told Live Science that doctors announced the time of the patient’s death when his or her heart stopped.

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But what he discovered was that the patient’s brain was still active even when the heart stopped beating.

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After reviving the patients, he found out that they could recall what was happening after they died. They could hear the discussions of the doctors and nurses after their hearts stopped.

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That is why Dr. Parnia claims that a person may know that he or she dies because his or her brain is still working after death.


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Dr. Parnia and his team are still trying to figure out and understand what people experience after death. They believe that their discovery will explain what we can experience when we die.


He also promised that he would continue this study not only to monitor the brain functions after death but also to improve aid resuscitation.

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