Dog Trapped In Icy Pond Until Shirtless Man Steps In To Help, Then It Happened

On a cold, and snowy day this Russian dog was in a tough situation.

The ground was covered with a blanket of fresh snow and in the middle of the park this dog was in was a hole that opened up to freezing cold water. There he was, right there clinging for dear life to the edge of the icy hole trying to keep from falling in. How he’d come to be in this situation is still unknown, but was clear is he was in trouble.

Because of how perilous the frozen lake was many of those who happened by were understandably hesitant to venture onto the frozen ice to help. Fearing for their own safety.

When it appeared just about all hope was lost for our canine friend a shirtless man decided to risk helping and began shuffling his way across the ice.

Once close enough to reach for the dog he got down on his knees and then on down to his stomach. As he reached out to grab ahold of the distressed, cold and scared animal it bit him. It was probably more out of fear than anything else at that point.

Fortunately, the man wasn’t about to give up on trying to save the dog’s life. He was determined to finish what he started and went on to grab the dog by the nape of its neck and plucked him right out of the freezing water.

Once it was safely out the dog ran off into the night and the man strutted around a hero for at least this one night.

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