Dog Jumps Out of Truck Window After Seeing His Owner at Airport

We are usually excited, knowing that we are going to be together with our loved ones after several years of being apart. That was what the dog had felt after his owner left him for ten days.

Alexsandro Ribeiro Marotte posted this viral video and shared the story of how his friend went out of the country, leaving his dog to Alexsandro so that he (Alexsandro) can watch over his pet while he was gone.

Ten days later, his friend returned, so he picked him up from the airport and brought his friend’s pet with him and waited for his arrival.

Alexsandro was outside his pick-up truck while waiting for his pal, and was filming his return. Meanwhile, the pooch stayed in the car with its head stuck out of the window and waited for his owner.

Then, from the pool of people at the airport, appeared Alexsandro’s friend. He yelled out in Portuguese, and the dog heard his voice.

The pup immediately came out of the car through the window like a cannonball and welcomed its owner. What happened next is one of the most heartwarming reunions you will see.

The owner opened his arms wide, ready to hug his pet, while the dog charged at him. He kissed his dog as if it was his child.

Meanwhile, the pooch was running all over the place and wagging its tail, a sign that he was happy to see his owner again.

This heartwarming reunion of a pet and its owner got much attention from the airport. Passersby could not help but smile at the sight of the dog running for happiness.

This is indeed a video worth watching.

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Photos: ViralHog