Dog Looks Into Her Owner’s Casket To Make A Shocking Revelation

We should all know by now that dogs are man’s best friend. We hear stories all the time of how devoted some dogs are to their human companions. Take the story of Sadie the dog. This is one of the most loyal dogs you’ll ever get to hear.

Sadie was with their human companion until the very end. You see, Sadie’s owner died not too long ago. Sadie was with her owner’s side for 13 years. She was even with him when the paramedics came to try to revive her owner. They did the best they could and all Sadie would do was wait beside her fallen owner. While she did, she tried to put her head under his hand.

On the day of the burial service, everyone who knew Sadie’s owner came to pay respects. Sadie was also there, alongside her owner’s widow. While she was around, there were some who wept. Sadie made such an emotional moment happen in that very room.

Flickr/Alan Levine

Someone took a picture of Sadie by her owner’s coffin. You can see how desperate she wanted to see her owner again. It seems that Sadie suffered from depression after her owner died. She didn’t eat anything and even lost 10 pounds after 10 days of not eating. She got to eat again after the service.

Sadie took her owner’s death as bad as his family and friends did. Sadie is as important as any family member to her late owner and his relatives. That’s why those in charge allowed for Sadie to have with her owner once more.

The bond between man and dog is indescribable. What we do know is that dogs find their owners irreplaceable. Let’s hope that Sadie and her owner’s relatives are at peace now that Sadie’s owner has moved on to a better place.