Drew Carey Ambushed on Stage When Contestant Excitedly Hugs Him

Drew Carey has been the host of the game show The Price Is Right for a decade. He has had his share of crazy participants, but there is one contestant who seems to take home the award.

A contender named Sona got a little overexcited when the announcer called her and told her to come down on stage. Yahoo Entertainment said the incident took place after she predicted the correct value of a treadmill.

She was bouncing on her way down to the stage due to her excitement. She even gave a high-five to her fellow contestants and the audience while approaching the platform.

Then, Sona did something to Carey that caught him off guard. Her adrenaline appeared to reach its peak by the time she went on stage because she jumped on The Price Is Right host.

Carey nervously hugged Sona as she aggressively threw her arms around him. The host was surprised at the contestant’s action, so he lost his balance, and they both tumbled backward.

Unfortunately for Drew he almost fell off the stage but, thank goodness, the lights that line the stage saved him from falling.

Sona attempted to help Drew get back up on his feet and quickly apologized for what she did. However, her excitement came back after the poor host accepted her apology.

George Gray, the show’s announcer, told USA Today that he was teasing Sona a bit more before he announced the prize for that round.

He jokingly told the contestant not to break the set nor the host, and then revealed the grant, which was a new car. Unfortunately, Sona did not win the car but she still went home a winner, bagging $3,000.

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Photos: YouTube / The Price Is Right