DWTS Stars Challenged Steve Harvey to Dance, Showed Off His Move

The ABC’s famous Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is again back in full swing during this fall and a lot of people can’t wait. The Family Feud had with them some professional dancers in the show that will compete against the cast of Shark Tank.

On the other hand, the Family Feud host Steve Harvey is popular for a lot of reasons. While he might not be trading his note cards for a nice and comfortable dancing shoes anytime soon, he gave the audience a sneak peak of his fantastic dance moves. It was during in one of the episodes of Family Feud on September 2017.

During the show, Steve introduced Sasha Farber, a DWTS dancer. The star then immediately told Steve that he should be part of the show. Sasha told the host that he can dance and has even seen him make some moves before.

Steve replied to it saying that while he has been asked to show off his dancing skills, he was never an incredible of a dancer. But Sasha and some other dancers were not convinced by what the host said and they began cheering on him to dance.

The baffled host was trying to escape the challenge of dancing in the Family Feud stage. But, another dancer, Kym Herjavec, is not just letting Steve off the hook easily. She went to where Steve was standing as the music began to play.

Kym holds Steve’s hands, leaving him no choice but to dance with her. Although the host is a little confused, he gives in and shows off on the stage with Kym. Steve even spins the dancer around a few times.

Steve was laughing after the dance and said he doesn’t want Kym’s husband getting mad which he knew was just across the stage.