Elderly Couple Wants to Look Young So They Both Get Facelift to Transform

Abraham met Roberta several years ago through a dating service. They fell in love instantly, and it felt like a second life for the both of them. Abraham said that when he saw Roberta for the first time, he felt that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on.

Roberta stated that he makes her life like no one else. After only a couple of dates, Abraham took her to the island of Tahiti where he proposed. The two seemed like a young couple in their puppy love stage every day.

She is already 77 while Abraham is 74. They wanted to look like how they felt: their younger and more exuberant versions.

As seen in the video below, the lovebirds appeared on the show “The Doctors so they both can have face-lifts. The results are extreme.

They both look almost wrinkle-free now. They are very happy with the results, and the couple shared that they were given a second chance in life, and they feel fantastic and wonderful.

The doctors, Dr. Stork and Dr. Ordon, stated that with a number of people who live longer, it’s no longer a surprise that there’s an increase in older people getting work done with their faces or bodies.

During the interview, the elderly in-love couple was so sweet like they are in their honeymoon phase. We can be sure that the pair’s face-lifts will increase their affection for each other.

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