Ellen Shows Secret Video of a Teacher Who Takes in a Student

Being a teacher is more of a vocation than a regular job. It takes a certain kind of person to deal with children in a compassionate and caring way. This is why students at Lew Wallace Elementary are very lucky to have a teacher like Sonya Romero.

Sonya Romero is a Kindergarten teacher at the Lew Wallace Elementary school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The area is quite impoverished. Most of the student body come from lower income families. 

According to Sonya, some of her students have no permanent homes. They spend their night in shelters and cheap motels. Because of their situation, they rarely get the chance to have all their basic needs met – even breakfast.

Most of them would tell Romero that they didn’t eat breakfast that morning.

Romero has taken it upon herself to provide her class any basic items that they might need. These items come out of her own paycheck. She has a stock of snacks, wet wipes, clean shirts, socks, shoes, and toothbrushes in case any of her students are in need. Romero has also fostered two of her former students.

A producer from the Ellen DeGeneres show caught wind of Sonya’s story. The teacher was then invited to the show. Much to Sonya’s surprise, Ellen presented her with $20,000 when she appeared on the show.

Romero has since gushed about her experience on the show. She explains that more than the money she received, she is grateful for the attention because it casts a spotlight on the concerns of many teachers across the country.

She explains that her 15 minutes of fame has afforded her the opportunity to share her story, which is a story similar to so many other teachers across the country. She also says that schools and teachers are not being provided the resources to educate the growing population of low-income students today.

She also reveals that she plans to donate some of the money that she received to their local museum.

It’s not often you get to see a real hero and this teacher is definitely heroic. The positive impact that she has had on so many children is immense.

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