Man Buys From Starbucks Every Thursday For His Dad, Then Barista Finds That He Passed Away

Getting a coffee from Starbucks is an everyday routine for many people. But for 70-years old Dan Dewey, it is just more than a routine. It’s how he shows his empathy and humanity.

Every Thursday by 10.30 in the morning, Dan goes to a nearby Starbucks in Michigan and buys some 12 to 24 drinks specified in the handwritten list that he carries. Those coffees are not for himself. They are for chemotherapy patients in a hospital. He then puts those coffee on Chevy Cavalier’s truck for delivering it without fail.

Dan never stopped doing this even in bad winters or for any of his physical inabilities including the regular knee pain.

Dan’s Coffee Run- started for his dad Edgar, who once was admitted in Michigan Cancer Institute, and one afternoon he bought coffee for everyone around there who wanted a coffee from the Starbuck that is situated few buildings away from the hospital.

Valerie, was the one who regularly serves for Dan and she shares that she waits for him every Thursday to serve his orders and see his pleasing face. It went on about for three years and people kept asking about his story. When she tells his story to them they wanted to help for his cause in certain way. That’s when she came up with the idea, ‘Dan’s Coffee Run’. It’s a card and anyone who wish to donate for his cause, can buy it. The money generated from that will directly be used to buy drinks for patients at MCI.

Dan’s father wanted him to keep doing his mission even after his death.

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