Ex-Husband’s Post About A Mom’s Engagement Makes The Net Go Crazy

All good things must come to an end, they say. Sometimes, that can be relationships. Relationships that carried with them happy memories that turned into bittersweet moments. A lot would look into these moments and would see them as painful reminders of the happy past. These painful reminders can bring out messy outcomes that hurt two or more parties.

There are those who do accept that some things aren’t meant to last forever. One of them would be Blake Higginbotham. He’s a business owner and a father of three children. He’s no longer with the mother of his children for they had a messy divorce. Blake cited him and his ex-wife marrying young as the cause of them splitting up.

Three years after their divorce, his ex-wife made an announcement. She said yes to another man’s proposal. She is now engaged to this very man. Seeing this, Blake posted out his response.

He said how he and his ex-wife support their kids in an even fashion. They are always there for them, even being divorced. He said how happy he is that his ex-wife found a great guy to be with. He is happy with their relationship and says how it is one thing he is thankful for. His children also like their mother’s new man, so Blake’s pleased.

He ended his post saying that he wants those divorced to encourage each other. He wants those in his predicament to see things from a different perspective. He also adds that divorced parents will always have their mom and dad, despite the split.

Blake’s post went viral around and caught the attention of the internet. That meant it reached his ex-wife too. She thanked him for his heartwarming response.