Expectant Family Turns An Old School Bus Into A Tiny Home

It’s not usual to see a house like this one.

When this family of three – soon to be four – members decided to have a simple life, they turned an old school bus into a tiny house!

Rachel, Luke, and their daughter, Charlotte, invited Rachel Ray’s crew into their humble abode. They wanted to show the viewers how to live luxuriously inside a small home.

In the clip below taken from Rachel, the family shows the interior of the repurposed bus. They show the viewers their storage spaces and even the bathroom and bedrooms.

They also have apartment-sized home appliances, a sink, and everything that you can see in a normal-sized house.

While watching the video, you couldn’t help but wonder how their stuff fit into a tiny space!

In the video, Luke and Rachel tell the crew their favorite parts of their tiny home. Even little Charlotte shares what she loves about their house!

According to the family, they built the cabinets in the bus by themselves. Despite the limited space that they had, they managed to create beautiful and impressive storage areas.

The family was proud of their tiny customized home on wheels, and it’s quite obvious why.

However, they are not the only ones living in a tight space. A couple also invited Rachel’s filming into a garage that they revamped into a tiny house!

The couple also showed how their repurposed garage looked like. They also presented how they were able to maximize their small space.

For instance, their bed was attached to a wall that they could pull down at night and push up in the morning to have more space.

Watch this video to see how these families manage to live in a tight area. Also, share the story with your loved ones.

Thumbnail Photo: Rachael Ray Show