Family Finds Splattered Old Canvas In Their Garage And Find Out It’s Worth Millions

Have you ever imagined discovering concealed treasure at a garage sale or buried in somebody’s garage? A just recently found Jackson Pollock painting may simply sustain your hopes!

It’s a typical dream nowadays, thanks to lots of TV programs in the mold of Antiques Roadshow, which goes around discovering important products lost in stacks of scrap.

For some individuals, it even becomes a reality! Who can forget the household that purchased a bowl for $3 at a garage sale, then found it was an invaluable Chinese antique?

With stories like that out there to keep our hopes up, we cannot resist looking thoroughly at every yard sale and antique store we pass.

Now, thanks to the current discovery of a ‘lost’ Jackson Pollock painting, we’re more passionate than ever.

The painting was found in a storage garage in Sun City, Arizona after a regional guy asked an auction home to evaluate a signed basketball poster.

Scroll through below to get more information about this extraordinary discovery, and the number of millions that painting is anticipated to cost.

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A newly-discovered Jackson Pollock painting appeared in Sun City, near Phoenix, after spending upwards of twenty years in storage.

The painting was found approximately 18 months ago, however, is just now being given auction.

Bidding for the painting will open on June 20, at J. Levine Auction in Phoenix.

The reason for the long hold-up? The auction home had to verify the painting’s remarkable origins.

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After investing 18 months and substantial amounts of the loan to validate the Jackson Pollock painting, J. Levine Auction is positive that the painting will more than spend for itself.

In truth, the auction home approximates that it deserves in between $10 and $15 million.

It might cost a lot more, depending on how things go at the June 20 auction!

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