Family Gets a Jolly Christmas with Their New “Miracle” Baby

Giving birth to a premature infant is a common occurrence. Myriads of mothers have delivered babies prior to the time they are due.

However, medical procedures translate to safe methods for expectant mothers. Susie Bea was born merely one pound and one ounce. Her birth was a little extraordinary.

Jodie Marrin gave birth to her after just 22 weeks and 4 days. That means the baby was born four months earlier than expected.

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Susie’s mother did not meet the normal pregnancy period for her which lasts for approximately 280 days or 40 weeks.

When Susie was born, she cried a little and the physicians began working on the newborn. Jodie and her partner named Lee were told by the doctors that they could not expect the best considering Jodie’s situation.

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They were informed that the baby would not enjoy quality life if she will be delivered successfully.

However, Susie’s parents carried on with their fight for her. They did not surrender. Her father shared that the physicians told him that Susie would not be breathing for a long time.

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For three months, the family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House located at Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral, Merseyside while Susie was fighting for her life.

Five months have passed and Susies’ family received amazing news – their baby can go home for the holidays!

Susie and her brave parents deserve a pat in their backs for never surrendering in the face of adversity.

Children, no matter who they are, deserve to enjoy the gift of life. We are very glad Susie showed precisely the reason why. We would like to greet the family a joyous Christmas.

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