Dedicated Dog Sneaks Out To The Grave Of His Owner After He Died.

All those who love their pets are disturbed by the thought of losing them.

We actually don’t even want to think about it, right? However we can’t help the disturbing feeling particularly if our pet is old. It’s pretty difficult to imagine our life without them.

But at least we know at some point of time we will have to depart from them. But our pets don’t even have that chance to prepare for such a loss. They unsuccessfully try to figure out the absence of their owner- that’s the sadder part.

They often become depressed with the sudden absence of their owner as the cannot comprehend the situation and we cannot make them understand or explain the situation to them.

So it sometimes happens that when pets- particularly dogs- see the person being taken to grave, they find it comfortable to remain there.

[H/T: Honest to Paws]

Facebook / Billow Ye

This dog, Zozo, was first brought home when he was just a week old. The Owner was deeply fond of him.

Facebook / Billow Ye

The Owner’s son, Zafer discloses how sad Zozo was following his owner’s death.

Facebook / Billow Ye

Zozo accompanies Zafer whenever he visits his father’s grave.

Facebook / Billow Ye

Sometimes when they don’t find Zozo at home, they know where to search for him- on the grave of the owner.

Facebook / Billow Ye

The devotion that Zozo have for his owner is heartwarming. The family’s respect for Zozo increased even more after seeing his loyalty and love for his owner.

Facebook / Billow Ye

In this video you can see him going to his owner’s grave.

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