Famous Conjoined Twins in 2002 Now Live Separate Lives

In the case of conjoined twins, a birth defect takes place which makes two newborn babies attached to one another upon birth. This can be fixed through surgical procedures but the risk is high. Some newborns do not survive, and in some cases, only one child makes it alive.

On February 26, 2002, conjoined twins named Kendra and Maliyah Herrin were born. They share one large intestine, liver, bladder and one kidney. No matter what options the doctors have, they will undergo a dangerous process. A doctor told their mother, Erin, that everything from the babies’ chest, down was a mush. He said that they don’t have organs needed to survive when they come out.

They consulted another doctor who told them to just abort the twins. He reasoned out that the process will be complicated and difficult in Erin’s case. When the couple saw the MRI scan of their daughters, they felt very determined to proceed. Erin loves them so much that she is willing to risk her own life.

Thankfully, the operation was a success. The twins were at the age of 4 when they were separated.  All thanks to the team of 6 amazing surgeons. The surgery took 26 hours, but it caused lifetime happiness and comfort to the children.

They are now living their separate lives. Kendra retained her liver while Maliyah went through dialysis until her mother donated kidney for her.

Nothing can describe Erin’s happiness whenever she sees her daughters playing around like other kids do. Sometimes, she sees the two hold each other’s hands like they were still sharing one body.

Watch the video below and see how the twins beautifully grew up!