Father Saves Son Through Gut Feel and Helicopter Rental

Dads will pull all the stops to make sure their children are alright, no matter what their age too. A dad showed the length he would go to find his missing teenager. Even hiring a helicopter is not too much for him.

People usually heard about moms having uncanny protective instincts when it comes to their children, but even though it is not as usually harped about, dads have these instincts too. Australian dad Tony Lethbridge showed just how strong his instincts could be.

When Tony’s son went missing on January 14, 2018, he did everything to find him. Samuel, 17, just drive out to meet his girlfriend in a nearby town but did not come home afterwards, which driven into a frenzied state.

The teen’s parents, Tom and Lee, reported their son missing but like the standard procedures in such cases, they were asked to merely wait at home. Tony revealed to Sydney Morning Herald that they were told Samuel could have run away, but since they knew their child better, they knew that was not possible.

Tony instead believed that his son could be injured, probably having crashed his car and therefore lying hurt somewhere. He said that a similar accident in the past already happened in the area were Samuel was travelling. Tony also asserted that the driver passed away in that earlier scenario because he was not found for a full five days. Tony said he did not want to wait and needed to take action. As such, he told his wife that they are going to hire a helicopter to look for him.

For USD$ 800, he was able to hire one from Skyline Aviation Group. With Samuel’s uncle, Michael Lethbridge on that helicopter ride instead of Tony, who has some issues with flying. Just within 10 minutes, Tony and his family received the news that Samuel and his car has been found.

Moreover, Tony’s hunch was exactly what happened in reality. Samuel’s car had crashed and Samuel was injured badly, just lying in the wreck waiting to help. He was in that state for nearly 30 hours already, and suffering from dehydration as well. With the help of Emergency services, Samuel was brought to the hospital and now recovering in intensive care.

Had his father just waited and did not act on his hunch, Samuel could have died. Probably moved, Skyline Aviation Group reportedly returned the rental fee that Tony paid, as revealed by Samuel’s sister, Megan.

Photos: Twitter / 7 News Sydney