“Fattest Woman in the World” Finds Out That She’s Pregnant!

Monica Riley is by no means your average girl from Texas. She’s way more than that and to put it bluntly – her dreams are going to be too big for you to handle. Monica’s life took a drastic change when she made public of what her goal in life was, to become the fattest woman in the world. She literally wished to become too heavy even to move an inch and to always need help in order to do anything.

Through her boyfriend’s help, Sid, they would go to outstanding levels of calorie consumption to even reach this dream! Heck, they’ve recorded that their average daily consumption for her would max out at 10,000 calories a day! Going as far as drinking high-caloric milkshakes through a funnel to easily reach and achieve her dream!

When she was weighing at around 700 pounds, she had felt her dream become a reality to be the world’s fattest woman. Monica said that this was the life she wanted for herself – being fat, getting to eat whatever she desired and to literally feel like a queen who does absolutely nothing.

Something monumental changed the way she thought though. She then found out that she was pregnant. To be a mother was one of her greatest dreams and this was not the first time she was pregnant. This was actually her third pregnancy, with the first two ending in miscarriages most likely due to her weight.

Now realizing what matters more to her, she valued her child more than keeping the title of the “fattest woman in the world.” Monica has now dedicated herself to changing and has started with walking and simple exercises to begin her transformation.

One thing that bugged her was if her husband would still love her the same way, but Sid told her that she loves her more and not just for the way she looks physically. With the newfound support and love from her hubby, she sets off to make sure her child is welcomed into the world and that they may finally start a family.

Watch the video down below to hear Monica’s promise to change.