Fearless Dog Surely Got This Miniature Horse’s Back

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. It’s just usual to see them playing and being trained by their owners. However, dogs can also be friends with other animals, especially those inside the house, such as a cat, a rabbit, or even a cockatoo.

On the other hand, if it involves farm animals like chickens, goats, cows, and horses, dogs aren’t that comfortable or as playful with them. Most likely, dogs will just chase them or bark at them. However, a Jack Russel terrier proved everyone wrong, and that she’s not one of those dogs after she became best buddies with a miniature horse.

Dally, the 9-year-old terrier, and Spanky, the mini horse, have a special bond together since Spanky was first rescued. The adorable pair live on a 100-acre ranch in Spokane, Washington, under the responsibility of Francesca Carson and her partner, Steve Rother.

Francesca shared that Spanky was not easy to get along with and that he was aggressive. While he was being trained and being taught stunts, she said Dally would tag along.

Spanky didn’t mind having Dally trot alongside him during training, and now she’s able to ride him alone. Francesca shared that after Dally was able to ride him, it made it easier for her to train Spanky.

In fact, Francesca noted how careful Spanky’s actions have been whenever Dally would be riding on top of him. Without Dally on him, Spanky would make quicker turns and run faster.

Now, their training sessions have been a part of Francesca’s daily routine, which she has happily shared on the Internet. While Spanky trots around and jumps over obstacles, Dally sits like a pro equestrian on top of him. Needless to say, their videos have gone viral and have captivated a lot of hearts.