Female Soldier Goes Home Without Her Canine Partner

In times of war and dispute, those who share comparable experiences might form bonds.

These bonds do not only exist in between individuals, though they likewise establish in between people and the animals who keep them safe.

In a year, Sgt. Amanda Cubbing and a bomb-sniffing German shepherd named Rick ended up being the closest pals.

“Rick is my partner, good friend, bro, and boy,” she stated. “He was there for my happiest days in Korea and the saddest days that I ever had there.”

Amanda and Rick did more than 30 dynamite sweeps together, however, were separated for the previous 11 months. Now, the brave dog is 7-years-old and is retiring from active duty.

That suggests that he had the ability to return where he belongs: by Amanda’s side, in the house. For the very first time in a year, the 2 saw one another once again.

Amanda is eased he’s back with her and is likewise appreciative to all those who made this valuable minute possible. Rick isn’t really simply an American hero, he’s likewise a member of her family.

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Footage provided by KPNX Phoenix