Female Veteran Thrown Out Of Bar For Bringing Service Animal

A female military veteran claims she was forced to leave a bar because she has an assistance dog with her. Annalisa Hope from West Jordan in Utah visited Bout Time Pub and Grub, along with her dog, Hawk. Hope, who was once a medic during her tour of Iraq, is suffering from anxiety and PTSD caused by her military service experiences. Socializing is something Hope enjoys, but it is not something that is easy for her to handle at times. Hope’s PTSD could be triggered by large crowds, people cheering, or even standing behind her. Hope said she needs Hawk, most especially when she visits places similar to Bout Time Pub and Bar. She calls the dog her battle buddy (a military term) because Hawk has always been there for Hope. With Hawk, she feels unconditional love and support.

Hope recounted that they were able to reach the front door of the pub before they were kicked out. She was told by no less than 2 managers that her assistance dog was not allowed inside the bar. The managers required her to present Hawk’s paperwork or his ID as a service animal. However, this type of documentation is not available for assistance animals. Disability Law Center attorney Nate Crippes said it seems like the bar completely prohibits service animals on their premises.

Under the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals are not required to wear vests, identifications, or certifications. Businesses should not require these as well. The silver lining in this is it paved the way for an open conversation between Hope and Tim Ryan, the restaurant owner.

Ryan asked Hope to visit the pub so that she can educate the staff regarding the entitlements of disabled individuals and their service animals.