Finn Would Have Been Frozen To Death If Help Did Not Arrive

Children are not the only ones who like to play in the snow. Apparently, puppies just like Finn, enjoy rolling in the frozen ground as well.

It was winter, but that did not stop Finn’s owners from taking their pets out for a walk. Finn was rolling around along with his other siblings. When the rest already returned to their owners, he still wanted to stay in the snow and play. Finally, his owners called out to him.

Still discontented of his playtime, he decided to take a different route. Instead of going directly to his owners, he thought of skating around the ice.

Everybody thought that the ice was entirely solid, but as it turns out, some of the ice surface was not thick enough to carry Finn. Before they knew it, the innocent little puppy was already fighting for his life in the freezing water.

The owners were too far away to reach Finn, and even if they did try to get any closer, they would only put themselves at risk. They were forced to call 911. It took about 15 minutes for the rescue team to arrive, but using their large machinery, they were able to get Finn out of the cold water and back into safety.

The family did not think that their afternoon walk would turn into a rescue mission, but because of the event, they learned to be more watchful of their pets especially during seasons like winter.

Wintertime may seem like a fun time for little dogs and children, but even one of the joyful season of the year can become a disaster if one is not careful enough. Perhaps, the owners can make good use of their pets’ collars and leashes the next time they go for a walk.

Thumbnail Photos: ViralHog