Firefighters Helped a Family Who Lost Their All in a Wildfire

Even though disasters like wildfire cause tragedy in everyone’s life, it reveals the compassion among people. How people helped each other and provided assistance for the California wildfire victims is an example. Some of these people were the firefighters who fought the dangers of the fire almost non-stop just to make sure that no more people will die or lose the property.

Some of these firefighters even helped the wildfire victims more than they should.



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Some of the wildfire victims, Jennifer Hidalgo Fuller’s family tried to move on from this tragic event by trying to build their lives again. However, they have lost everything in the fire.

The wildfire took away almost everything that they had. To rebuild their lives, Jennifer decided to take the first step by going to a store and buy some supplies.



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On weekends, we feature the Top 7 images shared with #abc7eyewitness. This weekend, we are highlighting firefighters and first responders. Thanks to Eyewitness @henrykornaros for this photo, taken while he was embedded with @lacofd_camp2 at the Woolsey Fire. If you’d like to help firefighters and victims of the California wildfires, click the link in our bio.

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In this store, she and her children encountered four firemen who she did not know would be the God sent angels for her family. When she met them, she thanked the four brave men who helped to put the fire out.

As an answer, one of the firefighters asked Jennifer if the wildfire also took away her house. Jennifer admittedly answered yes.

The firefighter told Jennifer that it was going to be her lucky day. The fireman asked Jennifer to take the stuff she needs. Also, they would shop in the toy aisle too.

The four firefighters paid for the three carts full of supplies which include the toys for the children. Jennifer would never forget this tiny gesture the four firemen did for her family.

She posted a photo of the firemen on the social media. She wrote that these people see the worst times on the lives others. She also wrote how the firemen from the Milpitas Fire Department showed their kindness to her family that day.