Fireman’s Helmet Camera Captured a Scene When He Was Saving a Dog

This is a story about what a fireman really is – a fireman saves everyone and everything, and this includes saving the life of a dog. Read on to know more about the details of story.

On July 19, 2015, a fire broke out in a home at Springfield, Virginia. A brave fighter, Ben Sisson, was quick to respond to the emergency call.

Ben Sisson narrated how he grabbed his tools and broke down the front door of the house. Blinded with the smoke from the fire, he rushed inside.

The fireman was able to capture the moment through the camera attached to his firefighter helmet. Fortunately, there were no people at home, yet a concerned informant from the neighborhood told Ben Sisson that there might be three dogs trapped inside.

As fast as he could, Ben Sisson traversed through the burning home to search for the dogs. He found one of them trapped behind the basement’s gate and could not get out.

The firefighter rushed down the basement and felt against the wall. When he stepped on the dog’s bed, that was the time he saw the dog laying there. He grabbed the dog and brought him outside.

The dog was reportedly fine after the incident. In fact, after the dog had enough fresh air, he started running around the lawn looking really happy.

Ben Sisson was commended by everyone who saw the video because of his bravery. Indeed, he was faithful to his duty as a fireman, and he vowed to save anyone – whether it be a person or an animal.

The firefighter was very happy to have done his job the right way. Ben Sisson’s bravery made it to the headlines and was further commended by many.

Thumbnail photos: Fox 5 DC