Florida Grandfather Boldly Shields Grand-Son against Snake Bite

Thatcher Nightingale, a grandfather from Florida, had the best day-out in mind for his family as he planned to pick berries on a sunny day.

He made plans for his son and two grandsons but he was not expecting that they would experience something unusual.

Shelton Dawkins, his three-year-old grandson, saw pygmy rattlesnake all of a sudden.  These reptiles are small in size. They produce rattling sounds like a buzzing bee.

Pygmy rattlesnake’s venom can be quite destructive and usually deadly.

Thatcher Dawkins, Shelton’s father, relayed that when his son witnessed the crawling snake, he kept saying, “Poppa, snake” to him.

Prior to getting further closer to the poisonous reptile, Shelton’s grandfather dashed to safeguard him.

The “Super Grandpa” jumped in between Shelton and the rattlesnake and was unluckily bitten on the finger by the predator.

The elder Thatcher had to contend with the venom rapidly traveling on his arm, affecting his nervous system. The bite also produced severe discomfort on his chest.

The older member of the family appeared to be a superhero and he did not realize that was being so because he was already in his advanced age.

Shelton’s father mentioned that the grandfather could not visualize the child to experience such pain because, for him, it was already excruciating.

The younger Thatcher intervened to kill the rattlesnake.  The grandfather was rushed to the nearest hospital.

The family also brought the reptile to the physicians so they would know how to best cure the elderly.

The grandfather was given complete treatment and was expected to make full recovery.

The parents of Shelton are forever thankful to the heroic grandfather who made a sacrifice to protect his beloved grandchild.

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