A quick snowball thrown on a fluffy feline is no match for his quick reflexes

Really, cats are not given enough of credit at times.

Of course, it is pretty obvious that cats are way too cute, cuddly and silly kind, but they are quite agile as they are graceful!

They can also be quite clumsy at time, just like that little kitten who was trying hard to get on a hammock. Anyway, they are mostly light on feet.

It is pretty difficult to believe at times, the way they land on their feet smoothly after falling from great heights, move around pretty everywhere without a slightest sound and jump out pretty impressive lengths.

Cats are pretty stunting when it comes to an attack. If you have ever played with any kitten using a toy mouse or a laser beam may not need an explanation for this.

The fur ball in this video clip just proved this when he battles away whatever that is thrown at him in lightning speed- even a snowball.

The video begins with this this extremely adorable kitty sitting with a normal kitten face- assort of confused look!

Suddenly, someone (not covered in camera) starts tossing small snow clumps towards the kitten, may be in an attempt to have him covered with a bit of snow.

However, his reflexes are just too quick to have it. He expertly slides away from whatever is thrown at him. Nothing can certainly catch him when his reflexes are that quick.

Best thing about this clip is that it is in slow motion which means you can closely and clearly see each flip and swipe! Be sure to see the full clip below.

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