Follow a Service Dog That Approaches You Without Its Owner

Service dogs are extraordinary in a way that they have undergone intensive training to become helpful to humans. Most of the time, you will see them along with their owners. That is why seeing a service dog approaching you without its owner is something uncommon. There must be a reason behind it.

Melissa Hope shared a Tumblr post of someone who is known as Lumpatronics on Twitter. Lumpatronics recounted his story. He wanted everyone to be aware of what they should do if a service dog approaches them without his owner.


Lumpatronics said that one day, he tripped and he fell flat on the floor. It was a severe fall, but the injury was not fatal. Trained for service, his dog thought that he was having a seizure. It ran off to ask for help.

Lumpatronics ran after the dog only to find it catching the attention of a woman. The woman was extremely annoyed. She was driving it away. The owner realized that he needed to educate everyone about this matter.


He wants to inform everyone that if a service dog approaches you alone without its owner, it means that the owner badly needs your help. He could have had an accident.

Because of that incident, he realized that he also has to update the dog’s training so he would move on if the first person refuses to cooperate. However, seeing that the dog is wearing a vest indicating that it is a service dog, it should be clear that the dog wants you to follow.

Kika_GuideDog / Twitter

For this reason, if you see a dog with a vest, indicating that it is a service dog, and it approaches you without its owner, it only wants you to follow him. His owner might be in great danger. Who knows, you might be able to save a life because of it.