Surprise Welcome to Army Brother

When our families join the army, it can be really hard. They are sent away for long periods of time, and when your army is commanded by warmongers at the helm, then it becomes even more heart-wrenching to see your loved ones walking off into danger at the behest of some politicians.

One of the football players at Carlton Prep was happy to be part of the pep rally and he was looking forward to play their first game of the season. The fact that he hadn’t seen his brother in months had not diminished his enthusiasm for football. However, his school had invited his brother to join them without his knowing anything about it.

So after the principal had given her speech, when the player’s brother walked into the court, he was delighted. The two had an emotional reunion right in front of everyone present and hugged tightly for a long time. The crowd around responded with loud clapping and encouragement.

It was indeed a sweet moment to see two brothers being united and showing their emotions in public!