Friendly Blonde Labrador as Park Hyatt’s Hotel Door Keeper

There is a saying that dogs are man’s best friends. Experts of psychology claim that this connection between people and dogs had already existed 15 thousand years ago. Dogs that originated from common ancestors have followed the first men through their migration in some parts of Asia.

This is the reason why dogs are considered a part of a family. Until now, dogs are still man’s companion to every place he travels. That is why it’s saddening to know that there are hotels who do not allow puppy owners to carry their pets with them inside.

Fortunately, Park Hyatt hotel in Melbourne, Australia developed an intelligent way to solve the problem of people who miss their dogs while on vacation. The hotel introduced the “Canine Ambassador,” the hotel’s doorkeeper who is not a person but a dog that comes with the name of Mr. Walker.

Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / Park Hyatt Melbourne

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The friendly and cuddly blonde Labrador who joined the team last July 31, 2017, was trained by Guide Dogs Victoria, an NPO with the purpose of training support dogs.

People who check in the hotel can’t get enough of Mr. Walker as he is doing an amazing job at the Park Hyatt Hotel. Many photos and stories of visitors were shared and posted on Instagram with hashtags #GuideDogsVictoria and #BarkHyattMelbourne, featuring the one and only canine ambassador, Mr. Walker.

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The hotel manager named Brett Sweetman is the one who acts as the foster carer of Mr. Walker. He said to Travel Weekly Asia that Walker is a part of their family as he brings joy to visitors. He effortlessly makes everyone feel like they’re in their own home while staying in Park Hyatt Hotel.

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