Funny But True Pros And Cons Of Being A Mother

Motherhood is a rewarding and lovely experience that a woman can experience in her life, although, it involves a lot of sacrifices. Commonly, the mother has to wake up the earliest among the family members so that she can prepare them for work or school.

She is also the one who needs to sleep late at night because she has to do the dishes, and clean up the mess that the family members made during the day. Aside from this, she commonly has the task of cooking and doing the laundry for the other family members.  She also has to see the health of her family.

It is more exhausting, if you’re a working mother, because of all the obligations that you have to do. Being a mother is a full-time job and you cannot quit until you grow old. Even if your children have their own family, you still need to provide them some advice and to be there when they need you.

The following are the motherly quotes that reflect the life and obligations of a mother. The quotes show the positive and negative experiences of being a mom:

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1. I wish there is a face serum named “Before You Became a Mother”.

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2. No one will ever be a perfect mom.


3. The bond between the mother and the child is unique.

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4. The happy time is nap time.

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5. We’re not here in this world without moms.


6. No one can replace mom.

Even though being a mother requires a lot of sacrifices, it is the greatest and most noble profession in this world. For without a mother, we will never be able to exist in this world. Besides, even though it requires sacrifices, seeing your family happy is the most rewarding experience.