Funny Teacher Talks about Farting to Deaf Students

Teaching is considered to be one of the most demanding, challenging, however, fulfilling careers in this world. Teachers deal with different kinds of students: ordinary students and those who are gifted with special attention.

Anna Trupiano is a first-grade educator, teaching science and mathematics at a school for the deaf, and tone-deaf, hearing impaired students. She is also assigned to guide her pupils to go with the flow and succeed in a civilization which usually does not think through their needs and value.

Did it ever come into your mind or have you ever thought of the things that you can do for those who have exceptional needs? A story would make you ponder as it is without question, engaging and will make you reflect.

There is one time in Anna’s class when her six years old deaf student farted pretty loud. Other hearing students heard it and look at the student’s way and started to chuckle. As might be expected, the hearing impaired student had certainly not apprehended that farts create noise.

From there, Anna had to take part in her students’ conversation. It is endearing but mostly may say it is somewhat funny. This led to the enlightening of the ABCs of farting in public.

The deaf student, who farted, asked Anna through American Sign Language why the other kids are staring. She told the student that the hearing students heard the noise from the fart. Another deaf student exclaimed and confirmed that hearing people can hear farts. Anna specifically said that not all farts can be heard.

How would one really know?

Anna cited scenarios which can clearly explain to them how farts can be heard: when your butt moves, farts can be heard, but if it doesn’t, it is safe to say nobody heard you fart.

Hearing people can’t just refrain from hearing farts because it just transpires and actually good for our body. The kids kept on asking Anna if farts can be smelled and seen. They even believed that farts can be seen like the green smoke shown in TV. These kids couldn’t just understand the concept of farts and it was the reason why Anna got into college for eight years.

It is not about the matter of farts that has been accounted. It is the communication or its way that have not been emphasized at home or from other people in the community.