Girl Freezes When She Notices Man Behind Her Little Sister Who Was Running To Her!!

Rebecca Schmitt and Sisters Sarah were at school in Kansas City- Brookwood Elementary on the day their dad, returned home. Their father was a Lieutenant Colonel Scott Schmitt, United States Army.

Since November 2016 the girls hadn’t seen their dad.

Get those tissues prepared! — As you know what that means.

Initially, the lieutenant colonel astonished Sarah, his younger daughter.

The young lassie was deeply engrossed in her schoolwork, in class, when abruptly, from behind her she heard that acquainted voice.

“Hey, everyone!”

She rotated, with her mouth wide open after she saw her father. Then Sarah ran to him and hugged him, nippily dropping into tears.

Nonetheless the surprises weren’t over.

To spend more time with Lieutenant Colonel Schmitt the school let Sarah go home early, but not afore they surprised Rebecca.

Rebecca had no idea what was going on as she was on the school’s playground.

She failed to notice her sister, Sarah who was running to her, with their daddy walking after her.

When Rebecca saw her little sister, she went to put her arm around her, but she sees Scott her father.

She was immediately frozen, it seemed that the sight of him paralyzed her because of shock!

But she hurriedly broke out and ran to him, at that moment the three of them hugged one other in embrace.

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