Girl Hasn’t Seen Marine Brother In 6 Years, Has No Idea He’s Sneaking Up Behind In Orange Shirt

While Alea Griffith’s brother, Brandon has been serving the country in the marines for six years, they have sacrificed so much like missing birthdays, family reunions, and holiday fun etc. And this time they will be fulfilling every desire.

Alea is a basketball player in high school team and when Brandon left for the marines Alea was too little just in third grade.

It was Alea’s coach Greg wittmer, who planned to surprise Alea by bringing up Alea’s brother Brandon at her practice without Alea’s knowledge.

So the plan was executed

Since the coach was in court for past 38 years he even took help from the Barberton magic basketball team and it was spread in the school that media is covering story on their coach’s career

Everyone in the area was involved in the plan except Alea who had no idea.

As the team was taking group photos Alea found out.

Brandon slowly moved behind the team which was busy posing.  He went to gym sneaking and stopped behind Alea, coach saw Brandon sneaking and made an announcement that it is Veterans Day and there is a special guest for this day.

The whole crowd’s eyes were filled with happy tears when Brandon tapped Alea on her shoulder and she looked back and started crying in happiness.

With tears in her eyes Alea expressed how happy she was after seeing her brother after long 6 years and she was thinking about him the whole day.

Brandon is on a vacation and these two siblings won’t have to be apart now.

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