Girl Hears Crash, Then Jumps To Action When She Finds Dad Unconscious

Nine-year-old Addison Gannaway was with her sister and 2 brothers Matt, 5, and Ethan, 13 when the unimaginable took place.

It began with a sound that Addison referred to as a “kaboom!” The sound led her to a stunning sight: her father, caught beneath a shed.

Matt Gannaway had actually been outdoors removing his mama’s 40-year-old shed. His mama prepared to move from his youth house, and he chose to take it down.

Something went really wrong.

“All I saw was the shed crashing down and my daddy being caught,” Addison remembered.

“It came down like it was expected to, however then it turned over sideways and knocked me out and pinned me below it,” Matt stated.

Addison and her sibling raised the particles and the rest of the kids pulled him out. What made it much more exceptional was that Addison was nursing a softball injury at the time, however in her words: “family comes prior to my body.”

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Footage provided by WHO