Girl Steals Money From Uber Driver And Even Mocks The Incident

An 18-year-old girl was the subject of outrage of a lot of people when last August 2017, she rode an Uber together with her two other friends toward New York City and she impulsively stole money from the Uber driver’s jar of tips. What happened is that when Gabrielle and her friends were nearing their destination, with clothes that gave the hint that they were in for an exciting night in town, she leaned forward and slipped her hands into the jar and grabbed the Uber driver’s money that he worked so hard for. The three teenagers then quickly jumped out of the vehicle before Mr. Mohammed Bhuiyan, the driver, even noticed what was done to him.

Gabrielle thought she was not going to be punished for her outrageous act, but little did she know that her little charade was all captured by the dashcam of the vehicle. Even after she was identified as the thief, she still had the tenacity to justify her mischievous act and said on her Instagram account that she “only” stole five dollars from the tip jar and she then returned it a bit afterward.

What’s worse is that she even posted an edited image via Photoshop showing the exact theft incident image, but instead of the tip jar, she replaced it with a cookie jar. Gabrielle typed the caption “my life lmaoo #makesmartchoices.” This post did nothing but even more harm, and those who have seen this condemned her even more.

Gabrielle suffers now the consequences of her actions and was now banned from using Uber. Her Instagram account was also deleted.

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