Girl Twins Spotted A Veteran’s Lost Wallet In The Snow And Returned It Quickly

We all work our butts to pay bills and make ends meet. But how would that feel if you lose the big chunk of cash that you only have with you in your pocket?

Here’s a story of how young girls showed just the right attitude after finding a lost wallet and returning it back to the owner.

A veteran’s wallet filled with cash was found by twin sisters lying in the snow.

Twins Makyla and Makhia Vincent, who are both fourteen years old, were on their way to go their class when the saw a wallet appearing on the surface of the snow!

The girls got the wallet and looked inside. They saw a bunch of credit cards and cash amounting hundreds of dollars in it. They checked thoroughly and saw the military ID Card of the wallet’s owner.

The girls knew just what to do at that moment!

The twin’s granddad also was a veteran. They shared how much they would also hate it if the same thing could have also happened to their grandfather and the person would not return it to him. And so because of this, they knew that they had to return the wallet full of cash as soon as they could.

The lost wallet in the snow was owned by Mr. Marc Walsh. He used to be a Marine Corps Veteran. Now disabled, he could have unknowingly dropped his wallet in the snow while he was coming home after some grocery shopping.

At the time he thought he dropped his wallet full of cash, he has not a single idea where he left it. All he knew was that he would be so broke if he has completely lost all of it. He had also been working his ass off to work.

The twins tried to find the veteran’s address and left his wallet right in front of his doorstep. They left right away afterward. The veteran’s roommate quickly informed him that his wallet is now at his doorstep after seeing the CCTV. WJBK station heard of the story and made some arrangements for the meeting of the veteran and the twin sisters.

Cheers to honesty and kindness that these qualities still exist in modern times!