Girl With Cerebral Palsy Has Lip Bitten Off By Her Own Mom

Kids aren’t easy to raise and to bring up. Every parent knows the struggle. The reason why parents put up with their kids is because they love them very much.

But, there are parents who are cruel to their own children. That is a harsh reality, but there are parents like those. That is the case for one mother who mistreated her own daughter. She is a Russian mother who had a very brutal way of silencing her six-year-old girl with cerebral palsy.

Back in 2015, Katya Spesivtseva lived with her mother, Ludmila. The incident started when Katya cried in her crib. Her mother came in to beat her. This was the mother’s way of making Katya ‘shut up.’

Enraged, Ludmila picked up the six-year-old. She clenched her teeth on the kid’s mouth and pulled off a piece of Katya’s bottom lip. The bite was so severe that it exposed Katya’s lower teeth. Ludmila even tried to go after Katya’s nose.

Even when the child was in so much pain, Ludmila didn’t call the ambulance right away. She did four days later.

Authorities intervened and took Ludmila into custody. For abusing her child, Ludmila got four years in jail. Later, doctors found that Katya also had bruises and diseases because of Ludmila’s negligence.

It took one year for Katya to recover and to find a family that can treat her well. She deserved better. She could’ve spent more time with her new family, if it were not for the heart failure she got. Katya died at the age of nine.

Nothing can take away Katya’s horrible past with Ludmila. Thanks to Katya’s new home, she managed to live out her last moments with a more loving family.