Goldie Hawn Confesses An Ancient Myth Helped Her Let Go Of Kate Hudson As She Grew Into An Adult

To Goldie Hawn, motherhood means everything. Like all parents, she wanted to see her kids grow and flourish, but she also understood how difficult it could be to step back as a parent.

As her kids grew older, she found herself referring to an ancient Greek myth she always prized. Ultimately, the story helped Goldie find the courage to let go.

In the video below, Goldie explains, “As a mother, you experience different things at different times with your children. One of my favorite stories is Demeter and Persephone.”

Goldie goes on to tell the ancient tale of a mother named Demeter who had to let her daughter, Persephone, go out on her own — even though she found it heartbreaking and nearly impossible. The myth explains how the seasons were created through the story of the mother and daughter.

Goldie continues, “Now, what this is, is an example of how we as mothers have to be able to not just pass the baton, but to be able to give free reign for your daughter to grow. To make mistakes. It doesn’t mean they’re not watched, but it means that they’re honored.”

The full story of Demeter and Persephone sheds light on Goldie’s relationship with her own daughter, fellow actress Kate Hudson.

What do you think of the ancient myth Goldie holds so dear to her heart?

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Thumbnail Photo: OWN