Government Receives Major Backlash After Crime Against Wolves!

Life in all its shapes and forms is very important, whether it be as small that of an insect or as big as it can be like an elephant – everything matters for they play their rightful part in our world. Due to advancement in agriculture and the ever increasing need for more food though has led to an outstanding number of livestock currently grazing several fields on US soil. While this may sound good to many as more livestock means more food which will lead to more mouths being fed with all the nutrients they need, it actually holds its very own problems too.



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One of which is its involvement with wildlife, it is normal in the wild that wolves hunt and look for prey to kill and feast upon with their pack – although Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFD) says otherwise. When news came about that more wolf attacks have been occurring increasingly and have targeted livestock, they made the worst decision of all. They actually had the audacity to order the killing of these 3 rare gray wolves in the form of shooting from a helicopter, trapping, and shooting from the ground.



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Instead of thinking of a way that would appeal to both sides and maintain the balance of nature and its food web, they chose the worst intervention protocol – the most cruel choice.



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These 3 rare gray wolves are actually part of the “Smackout Family” and according to the records have already been consistently pressured and dealt with by Washington. And because of this their numbers have dwindled to a significantly low amount that they only remain with around 5-6 adults left.

When the internet was made known of this, the news completely blew up and everyone sided with the poor wolves that were no match to the decision were making power Washington held. Everyone agrees that their decision was cruel and are currently rushing to increase the awareness on this topic to save the wolves too, do your part and pitch in!