Mom thinks that her kids are behaving in a strange way, then she finds the truth the were hiding

Carolyn Pease, decided to visit her son and daughter-in-law after a very long time, but as soon as she entered their home she understood something wasn’t usual.

They did not come to see her for may weeks and so, she came to see them after a long time. Her son Tanin, picked up a cam to record the events as soon as she stepped inside their home and to add more strangeness they both were acting very different to her.

The video which was uploaded on February 24, 2017, shows Tanin welcoming his doubtful mom from the door. He was calling out as ‘Hi, Mom” very brightly.

She replies in a suspicious tone “Hello, how are you?”

Tanin tries to hint “We have a surprise for you”

His jumbled mom pauses for few seconds and then questions him ‘what?’

Carolyn looked around cautiously for finding the answer to her doubt. Then her husband shuts the front door behind them and apparently there is nothing different was waiting for them.

Then she looks around again and gets petrified on seeing her daughter in law. Her eyes get widened by the vision of a full baby bump on Katie’s stomach. She understood that her son and his wife kept away from her for nearly 9 months to hold the secret of the pleasant surprise they were planning for her. A grandchild’s arrival. What’s more a grandma could really ask for?

Even though they gave the surprise a little late and in a weird way, Carolyn’s reaction to it made it more lovely and worth the effort.

Watch the video to know the reason behind the couple’s pregnancy surprise and the way they brought it up. You will also get astounded to see the new comer of the family, little Saul.

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