Grandma Turns Wedding Gowns From Thrift Shops Into “Angel Dresses”

Losing a child always leaves deep wounds. It takes years before it heals. Sometimes, it never does. Tess Soholt was once a labor and delivery nurse. When she was still working at the hospital, she has seen numerous grieving parents who lost their children.

Tess has experienced this herself. She never got the chance to meet her grandson. They lost Andrew at 18 weeks. Her son and daughter-in-law, Jackie, held Andrew for the last time and took some photos with him before they said goodbye. Those are the only memories they had with him.

Knowing how painful the loss of a child is, she understands how difficult it would be for parents to buy burial clothes for their children who passed away. She wanted to help ease the sorrow of these hurting parents through something she’s passionate about. One day, she saw a wedding gown at a thrift shop, bought it for 50 cents, and decided to turn it into little “angel gowns.”

According to Tess, these little angel gowns are proof that they lived and are part of their family. Other families would not want to take another glance at it because it would hurt so much. It won’t take away the pain. But she hopes that it would somehow lessen their struggle.

Eventually, a couple of seamstresses have decided to help her transform vintage wedding gowns into cute baby outfits. They were able to turn this effort into a 200-dress donation.

Tess delivers the outfits she and her team have made to hospitals with no cost at all. In her own little, she hopes to ease the pain of parents in grief and help them remember the little life they once had.

Thumbnail Photo: KARE Minneapolis

Footage provided by KARE Minneapolis