Grandpa’s Bank Problems Gets Dealt With the Police!

A lot can happen inside a bank with just how important getting your money is and how without it you aren’t really able to do anything – though this sometimes turns into a problem. While getting your money may be easy at most times, there are certain situations when you are unlucky and find yourself having to go through a tiring process just to get something you own. In this story, a Grandpa in Montebello, Los Angeles was at a Bank of America to get his money’s worth but after finding out he was missing something issued the bank tellers not to help him.

Facebook/Montebello Police Department

Being old as he is, 92 years old, in fact, means that he doesn’t have the best temper in the world and when he was set to the side made him really mad – which urged the bank to call the police. When Officer Robert Josett first to the scene arrived and interrogated the old man, he found out that his ID had expired and couldn’t do much without it. So rather than taking old Gramps away Officer Josett decided it was in his best interest to help him and even guided him to renew his ID all the way back to the bank to get his money!

Talk about a real act of kindness if you ask me, this man deserves to be recognized!

And the police station thought so too and shared this story on their Facebook page which immediately blew up and the internet just ate it up. Everyone is applauding Officer Robert for his exemplary work and dedication to help everyone no matter how meager and small the problem may be. Currently, the post has reached over 44,000 shares and continues to grow at a rapid rate up until now!

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