Shaving For The First Time In Two Decades, Hairy Husband Looks Like A Stranger To The Wife

Jeff had his trademark bearded and shaggy face for most of his grown up life, he decided to shave clean which got the wife bemused seeing the man he felt in love couple of years back.

He accepted to wife that he was going through middle age crisis and decided to shave clean

Accompanied by Lory, who looked happy on the change, she has been waiting for long. Jeff was featured on the Rachael Ray show for a special make over with the help of experts. With magical help of Elena Linares , who established RazzleDazzle Barber shop in Miami, assisted Jeff get to what his wife was expecting. After the makeover Jeff come out looking like a new man

He turned off from common stretched hair, bushy bearded with overalls, with kempt short hair, without facials, and different new clothes.

In an inspiring clip that follows, Jeff is overwhelmed and tears are seen in his eyes.

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