Handful Pup Gets Placed In Shelter, Became K-9 Unit Instead

Boomer, the 8-month-old German Shepherd – Lab mix, was surrendered to a shelter. The problem was he got too much energy, and his previous family just can’t handle him.

A police officer came into the shelter, which was Parsippany Animal Shelter, in New Jersey. He’s looking for a bearded dragon, which was a request for his son.

Boomer was too eye-catching though, so the officer saw him first. He ended up taking him but not home.

The department was looking for a K-9 unit candidate with a lot of energy, and Boomer was a perfect fit. They need him to accompany them to look for bombs.

Boomer got a lot of excess energy that the police officer even admits that he’s having a hard time. But that’s just what they need. He’s very excited to be rewarded and will do anything for his snacks. He’s like a diamond in the rough for the police department.

Boomer might be more than most can handle, but he’ll prove to be the perfect partner for the department’s special task force – the K-9 unit. He’ll undergo months of training to be one of the best members of the task force.

He’d be getting the best care in the world as every K-9 in the United States would. The police department apparently had the best training program in the country, so that was even better for Boomer.

He’ll be helping them save lives soon enough, and Boomer, with all his excess energy, probably couldn’t wait himself.

Det. Sgt. Aaron’s son might have to wait for his bearded dragon though. But there is no reason to worry. He’ll probably visit the shelter another time to get the pet for his son.

 Footage provided by WPIX New York