Kitchen Cleaning Hacks From The Rachael Raye Show

There are so many cleaning hacks that it can really feel overwhelming to try to know and remember all of them. The very simple ones like cleaning out the crumbs from your toaster presented in the video below are simply way too easy to forget.

I know I am constantly searching for ways to make cleaning the house of less stressful, particularly with regards to the never ending list of chores in the kitchen.

Whether you ask a pro, including Rachael Ray’s buddy Peter Walsh, or perhaps depend on time-honored tricks passed down through decades in the family, it is usually preferable to go into the to-do a list with a few useful hacks.

The toaster has constantly been one of the more frustrating appliances lining the kitchen counters of ours. As somebody who loves chowing down on bread that is crunchy, I’ve had a fair share of fights with the gadget when the time comes to eliminate all of the crud that is left from slice after slice.

Rather than wrestling with the tray at the bottom part of the toaster as well as feeling like there is still a million specks of bread cluttering up your otherwise pristine area, give these a try.

Have you come up with your own cleaning hacks for the house? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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