Prankster Sets The Perfect Bobby Trap For Package Thief

For some people turning turning the other cheek is a lot easier said than done. That’s the way it is for this prankster who hid the keys of a workman who repeatedly blocked his driveway. When it comes to getting even, some folks just can’t help themselves.

For Jaireme Barrow of Tacoma, this wasn’t about helping himself: it was all about exacting revenge. And and in this case, revenge is a dish best served loudly.

Barrow said over the last two months, four of my packages have gone missing, and I felt like I wanted to get even.

Since he knew the thieves were attracted to any package on the porch, Barrow decided to give them a special box.

He got an empty Amazon box then fitted it with a firing mechanism armed with a blank shotgun shell.

When the thief attempted to pick up the box, the shell fired. Since it was a blank, it was harmless, but it sure would be loud.

His surveillance cameras captured the trap in action. A woman stops her car then walks onto his property; then she reaches for the box. The shot rang out, sending her into a panic as she runs away.

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